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Google Ads

Google Ads will help your school stand out from the rest when parents are looking for information about school options for their child.

Website Design

A professional web design will help keep your site visitors engaged, making you appear more reputable and, as a result, establishing trust with your website users.

Facebook Ads

Invest in a targeted Facebook and Instagram campaign to get your business in front of the right people at the right time and to raise brand awareness.

Social Media

Social media platforms help your school connect with your potential families, raise awareness about your education organization’s brand, and boost enrollment.

Email Marketing

Marketing with email or text messages allows you to nurture leads and customers by sending out the right campaign at the right time.


Improving classroom teaching and learning practice with innovative technology is highly engaging for students and provides great value to schools.

International Student Recruitment

The number of students wishing to study abroad continues to increase on a wide global scale, and students have more choices than ever before.

As a recruitment agency, we are delighted to have assisted numerous international students to find the right destination for their future studies. Since 2018, we have recruited local and international students to Canadian high schools, colleges, and universities.

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14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you will achieve the best possible results from any digital marketing services we provide. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will issue a full refund excluding tax and purchased items relating to your specific project.

Get your marketing journey started

Our marketing experts will assist you in converting a raw lead into a registered student by planning the entire campaign from start to finish.

Google Ads

Campaign Optimization

We will create Google campaigns to promote each of your school’s products and services and ultimately optimize them as the need arises.

Reach More Parents

We will show the world what makes your school unique by creating specialized Google Ads, so you can reach more parents who are looking for what you offer.

Improve results

We will customize your advertisement based on the results you desire. We will also provide you with insight and guidance so that you can monitor your progress and make your ads even more effective.

Facebook Ads

Promote Confidently

We will help parents discover your school through Facebook. We design your advertisement using a variety of formats, placements, and objectives to achieve your business goals.

Lead Generation

We make it easy for interested parents to learn more about your school by encouraging them to sign up or visit your website. We generate leads by offering them an easy way to access the information they are seeking.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel can make a significant impact on your Facebook ads. We will install the code on your site in order for you to track conversions and then remarket to parents who have viewed your website, as well as create look-alike audiences.

Email Marketing

Effective Campaign

Effective email marketing campaigns need to be written creatively to attract attention in crowded inboxes. We will assist you in connecting with your potential families to promote your school’s brand and increase enrollment.

Grow Your List

We assist your school to continuously grow the email list and make up for lost subscribers. We will build opt-in forms on your website to encourage potential customers to sign up, and use lead magnets to generate leads.

Email Automation​

We can help your school to convert leads into new students through email marketing automation. Additionally, it is possible to delight your existing customers and encourage actions such as upselling and additional registrations.

Website Design

Web Design

We assist school owners in designing a more engaging website and increasing rates of conversion with compelling copywriting, user-friendly design, and innovative analytics analysis.

Landing Page Design

The goal of the landing pages is to generate leads while moving prospects closer to becoming customers. We will design for your school a landing page that has a high conversion rate in order to attract more parents to consider your services or products for their children.

Logo Design

We will design a logo for your school that catches the eye and creates a strong first impression so that parents will remember your school from the competition.

Social Media Management

Right Platforms

We help you choose the social media platforms you should focus on to get the most visibility and results for your school business. As a school owner, you shouldn’t spread your attention thin, so think carefully about where your most likely customers spend their time.

Content Strategy

We will perform a quick audit of your current social media presence in order to get inspiration for your strategy. We develop your school brand by using your colours, fonts, and business voice, and personality.

Content Calendar

We plan and create the content for your school ahead of time. We will prepare the content, upload it directly into the tool, and schedule it to go up at the appointed time and date.


Digital Marketing

Would you like to work with a dedicated marketing team to design your marketing strategy from the ground up? You have reached the right place. Schedule a complimentary Zoom consultation and find out how we can help improve your enrollment.


We help leadership and administration in schools to understand, design, and leverage Educational Technology to improve teaching, learning, and school operations. We offer training, coaching, and provide expert consultations on implementing educational technology in various settings including face-to-face, blended, and online.

Interior Design

Interior Architectural design has an important role to play in many aspects of student learning. We design furniture, lighting, acoustics, and technology that significantly enhance classroom efficiency. We use colour and murals to reinforce positive messages and inspire students to think creatively.

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