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Our Projects

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We guarantee you will achieve the best possible results from any digital marketing services we provide. If you are not satisfied with our services, we will issue a full refund excluding tax and purchased items relating to your specific project.

Recent Logo Design

We will design a logo for your school that catches the eye and creates a strong first impression so that parents will remember your school from the competition.

Website Design

We assist school owners in designing a more engaging website and increasing rates of conversion with compelling copywriting, user-friendly design, and innovative analytics analysis.

Check out our recent landing pages

The goal of the landing pages is to generate leads while moving prospects closer to becoming customers. We will design for your school a landing page that has a high conversion rate in order to attract more parents to consider your services or products for their children.

Email Marketing

Effective email marketing campaigns need to be written creatively to attract attention in crowded inboxes. We will assist you in connecting with your potential families to promote your school’s brand and increase enrollment.

Social Media Management

We will perform a quick audit of your current social media presence in order to get inspiration for your strategy. We develop your school brand by using your colours, fonts, and business voice, and personality.

We help you choose the social media platforms you should focus on to get the most visibility and results for your school business. As a school owner, you shouldn’t spread your attention thin, so think carefully about where your most likely customers spend their time.

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